How Celeb Dressel manage to kill time in lockdown?

How Celeb Dressel manage to kill time in lockdown?

Celeb Dressel is also feeling bored during lockdown.

Celeb Dressel, the man often described as ‘the new Michael Phelps’, is also facing problems with his fitness and activities during the lockdown. 

Tripped to win multiple golds at the Tokyo Games, which were initially scheduled for this summer before the coronavirus outbreak put the world on hold. Celeb Dressel is learning how he can manage his time during lockdown without regular visits to the swimming pool and without his family and friends. 

He also had to put his dreams to dominate his opponents and to win World Championships on hold. too.

Dressel won seven golds at the 2017 World Championships and six 2019. He has also broken Phelps’ 100m butterfly world record. This summer Drassel has matched Phelps’ record of eight golds at a single olympic games.

“I certainly don’t want a pity party or anything like that,” Dressel told CNN sport.

 “I still have my sponsors, so the worst thing happens to me is I don’t get to swim in the Olympics for a year. You know that’s not the end of the world for me.”

“People are getting sick or dying, so that’s why I’m okay with it. I don’t get to swim in a pool–I am fine with that getting pushed back because swimming is not the last thing I can do. There are a lot of things that are bigger than swimming. This is life or death. So what, if I don’t get to swim for a year. That’s exactly what the mindset needs to be.” 

Caeleb Dressel won 7 gold medals in Budapest & FINA Best Male

Celeb Dressel activities in lockdown

To fight with the tedium of life in lockdown and two-times Olympic gold medalist has joined in the online craze of performing trick shots while in quarantine, with the help of an assistant, his pet dog Jane.

“This was my fourth day in quarantine, so I’m still trying to fight it out,” Dressel explained. I’ve seen a couple of trick shot videos going around. I’ll still try some of these out. I did some pretty cool ones, but–the cup taped to her head–yeah, that was the biggest one.

That was actually the hardest one as well because she kept moving and stuff. It’s been fun making videos, trying to interact. I just misc seeing people. I’m not like a social butterfly or anything like that, but I just miss seeing even my friends. I mean, everybody does. I miss seeing even my parents.

“But social media has been helping a lot. My Youtube channel I’ve done more than I ever have on it. Instagram, going live and just trying to connect with people the most I can, because if I’m feeling lonely. I feel like a lot of people are and it’s just kind of looking for anything to feel connected with. So I’m trying to help out with that.”

To compare Dressel’s physique to that of a Greek God would perhaps be enough to make even Zeus himself blush.

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