No Italian Football restart insight.

No Italian Football restart insight.

Two months into lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic and Italian football still cannot see light at the end of the tunnel. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced a press conference in which he was expected to outline his plans. The football community sat up eagerly and took notice.

The Football Federation and most Serie A clubs are desperately keen to get back into action for all the above economic reasons. With the game stopped, clubs are currently losing revenue by the minute. In this regard, Italy is not so different from England, Argentina and all other superpowers of world football.

The Italian Football Federation had hoped that on Sunday night, Mr. Conte might give football a green light by 4 May so as to be ready to resume Coppa Italian in early June and the Campionato by June 10th. This would leave them two months, June and July, to play the remaining 13 days of Serie A to finish the season.

Not so. Mr. Conte ruled that whilst individual sports professionals could start back training by next Monday.

Will Italian football restart?

Many clubs are keen to get back into action, there are those who urge caution. One of those is Italy 2006 World Cup-winning coach Marcello Lippi.

As of now, it would seem that the Italian government is worried about football’s ability to limit the spread of the virus. That remains to be seen for, as of now, an Italian restart remains a matter of speculation and conjecture.

One other obvious problem to concern is a much more basic training method issue. If you give players a rushed preparation, after their lay-off and prior a grueling 2 month period in June/July.

Whilst all these are legitimate worries, there is obviously still pressure from clubs to get things up and running again. Many believe that Claudio Lotito, President of Lazio, is one such enthusiast.

So then, who knows, could the 2019-2020 session end up with a single, two-leg play-off final.

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